Thursday, September 26, 2013

New Printer!!

WOW, It's been ages since I last posted (I guess I'm not very good at this blogging thing!). I've been super busy making lots of things, and have recently gotten a new 3D printer!

While my Makerbot is still a pretty awesome machine, I felt it was time to be able to make things a little bit bigger, and by a little bit, I mean a huge amount! My new printer is a SeeMeCNC Rostock Max!

This thing is HUGE! with about 280mm diameter by 300mm high build area, it has a truly gigantic build space, though attempting to print at that size with ABS is a waste of time :/
OH, and, it's a DELTA printer, meaning that it can achieve some very impressive speeds in all axes, making "hop" functions actually useful!
I'll post more pictures and maybe videos at some point in the future, but with school starting back up, time will be at a premium!

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