Friday, April 13, 2012

My Makerbot is MOBILE!

First of all, a million thank-you's go out to my dad and grandfather for their awesome birthday present of a bright orange Pelican 1620 roller case!

I just finished plucking all the foam (yay pelican foam!!) and was able to fit the Makerbot, it's interface board, a 1kG spool of filament, a section of filament feed tube, AND a surge protecting power strip!

I'll also be designing a filament spool holder that mounts to the extending handle on the case, and holds the feed tube, so that all I'll need to print on the go is a single outlet!

Here are some pictures of the filled case (the power strip goes just under the filament spool on the bottom layer of the case, but I hadn't pulled the foam out for it when I took the pictures)

Given that Pelican cases are essentially everything proof, I'd definitely recommend them as a way to transport the Makerbot!

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  1. Z LeHericy,

    Rocking case. Would you be interested in throwing it up on Let me know.



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