Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Platform problems

While trying to print at insane resolution (0.1mm/layer) I had a couple prints stick insanely well to the platform, and while removing them, I managed to gouge my Kapton and aluminum tape layers (missed the PCB :-) ) so I've been trying to figure out a way to make a better platform.

I think I've found a way to both make the new platform, and instantly perfectly level the new platform.

The process would be to bolt a 3-4mm thick 10X10mm aluminum plate to the platform, then temporarily replace the toolhead with a dremel flex-shaft with a ball-end mill in it, and machine off the top layer of the aluminum, making it perfectly flat, and perfectly level with respect to the toolhead.

I'll post more updates as the idea develops!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Odd print problem

In my attempts to print at 0.1 mm/layer (i know, i know, it's not recomended with a 0.4mm nozzle) I've run into a slight problem. One side (right side) of the print is coming out with a weird looking gash in it!

Not sure what's causing the gash, if it's too much or too little plastic, but it sure is annoying... It seems to start small, then get wider and wider as the print progresses.

the part I'm currently printing is a 1cm^3 (1 centimeter cube)

Here's a picture of the problem:
I colored the flat area on the side with a sharpie, so that you can see the gash, there's also what looks like a bunch of bits of plastic fused to the part on the other side of the gash (where there's a bunch of dots).

New electronics INSTALLED!

Just finished installing my new Gen4 electronics! The first thing I noticed was the reduction in noise! this thing is amazingly quiet now, and with the MK7 Extruder, I've been pushing for higher and higher quality (test print running now at 0.1 mm/layer.

Hit a couple snags during installation, the worst of which was running out of plugs (even with a splitter on one of them) on my ATX supply! However, it was pretty easy to solve by hooking up the power supply from an old USB-IDE converter.

Pics of the build:

Other than the color of the boards, doesn't look that much different from the Gen3's, o wait, there's an extra stepper driver :-D YAY!

Interface board, with arrows drawn onto the keys :-) I'll probably print some keys for it later as well, make it a bit more proffessional.

This peice of flex tube goes from the boards to the extruder, I twist tied some of the wires to an empty mounting hole on the extruder stepper driver so that it stays upright :-)

Gen7 extruder and safety cutoff board! Got everything working, then accidentally broke a fan blade, so now it buzzes really loudly, gonna try n re-balance it, but that's not as easy as one would think...