Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spa work

For the past couple months (though more lately) I've been working on refitting an old inground spa that my parents put in 10 years ago. The pump system's been giving us problems, and it's been getting more and more frustrating having to buy expensive chemicals (chlorine is over 150 a bucket, and a bucket lasts about a year) and filters (160 bucks each, new one every 3 months, well, 6 in our case, but that's really pushing it). So, I'm completely re-doing the entire system.

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New pump (Hayward 1.5 HP 2-speed with a giant strainer basket)

New filter (Hayward 18 inch sand filter)

Chlorination unit (Hayward Goldline T-Cell 3)

and new heater (Hayward 5.5 KW electric)

I'll be posting pictures as soon as the project's done!

The whole new system is going to be housed in a box about 15 feet from the old pump box, but that means it'll also be out of sight :-) a welcome relief for my parents.

It's been almost 5 hours of digging so far to get ready to pour a concrete pad for the new equipment, but it'll most certainly be worthwhile!

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