Saturday, July 16, 2011

Odd code added to the end of some files

Every once in a while, a chunk of seemingly random code will get added to the end of a part file: Here's a sample

G1 X8.11 Y0.0 Z20.0 F3000.0
G1 X8.04 Y1.06 Z20.0 F3000.0
G1 X7.84 Y2.1 Z20.0 F3000.0
G1 X7.49 Y3.1 Z20.0 F3000.0
G1 X7.28 Y3.54 Z20.0 F3000.0
I found this at the end of a Gcode file that I had printed from just fine at least 10 times, then, when this code ran, it ruined the part I found it on.

The odd thing is that it's in the middle of the code that should be end.gcode, but the end file does NOT contain the extra lines!

Any ideas?

UPDATE: Here's a link to a sample part file, both failed, and fixed... it seems that "comb" is causing the problems. Unfortunately, when this one failed, the nozzle plowed through the part, both ruining the part, and cracking part of the acrylic of the extruder mounts :-(

Here's a picture of what the failure looked like:
Circled in red are the points where the extruder hit the plastic,
the blue line is the original height of the wall the extruder hit.

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