Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Went to the OSU Surplus store today, and was able to get some serious networking power for pretty cheap...

Got bored, and after a friend did a similar thing, I decided that the right thing to do with 160 ports worth of network switches was to turn them into a big LED display... yup... pictures after the break :-)

Here's a picture of the two biggest switches in the set displaying my name!
Each switch contains 10 8-port 10/100-T modules.

They're configured over telnet, and you can turn on and off the lights by enabling/disabling the 100 setting on a per-port basis.

Wasn't quite sure how to draw an n, but that's what the third letter should be.

I don't need all this networking power, but it's fun to mess around with it...

If I do any more stuff, I'll be sure to post

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