Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Uh Oh...

I recently opened up my MK5 Plastruder to clean it out and check the tension on all the bolts, but to my horror, something was amis: My question, is the black goop in the pictures normal? or is something going very wrong...
I know for sure the goop wasn't there when I put the MK5 together the first time, nor was it there the last two times I took it apart...

The goop is a pasty oily completely opaque substance, but is a bit stickier than normal motor grease... Any ideas? should I wipe it all off and rebuild the MK5, or should I stop using the motor? (it still works great, runs fine and smooth with no stalls all the way down to PWM 175... even when pushing filament...)

Not too sure what to do...

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

*UPDATE 2/2/2011*
Thanks to everyone who responded here and on the Google Group! It's nice to know that this isn't a fluke, and that the motor is in fact OK... now to load the filament back in and start printing!


  1. I think that's just oil -- wipe it away and keep printing. When does this motor date from?

  2. My makerbot's #2203, I got it in september, I was just worried because it's thicker than normal motor grease... which seemed odd, but that could be just from being exposed to air...

  3. Its normal. The gearbox on the motor is lubricated with a very thick black grease, over time it gets hot enough and moves about enough to seep out through the output shaft bearings. I've got 2 or 3 motors and they all eventually leak a little lubricant.

    Just go to a stepper extruder, its the only way to fly!


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