Wednesday, February 2, 2011

ENGR 248 Midterm

I'm currently in a class at Oregon State University called ENGR-248 (Engineering graphics) , which is an intro class for 3D modeling. Personally, of the various CAD softwares I've tried (AutoCad, Autodesk Inventor, SolidWorks, Blender, Openscad, and a couple others I can't remember) my favorite is definitely Inventor. However, Here at Oregon State University, they use SolidWorks :-( Luckily, the programs are fairly similar, but the class is definitely reinforcing my preference of Inventor over SolidWorks.

Back to the point:

For the midterm in the class, we had to design a part based on a a couple other drawings with dimensions and such, and I decided it'd be fun to print it!

I scaled the part down to 1/4 size in RepG and pressed print! 40 minutes later, I had a physical copy of the part I designed for the midterm!

I know, you're probably saying 40 minutes for such a small part??? well, I used the wrong skienforge profile (used the 0.2mm/layer 197PWM profile) which runs MUCH slower...

the part looks OK, other than the increasingly aggravating Z axis wobble...

Interestingly, Even with the Z wobble, the outside dimensions of the part were still almost exactly what they should have been (+- 0.05mm)

I am quite pleased with the part overall, and may even use a version of it in my designs for a better Z-stage :-)

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