Saturday, January 29, 2011

Skienforge (uhg)

Of all the problems I've had with my Makerbot, the biggest of them have come from Skienforge, the little program that slices up models into layers of gcode for the machine to print.

I've given up on using the MBI Automated Build Platform for the time being, the plastic belt curls up too much to print super thin (<0.25mm)

Even so, I've now gotten my 'bot tuned down to a nice 0.2mm layer thickness! Here are my primary settings:
  • Layer Thickness: 0.2mm
  • Width / Thickness
  • Perimeter: 2.5
  • Infill: 2.125
  • Flowrate: PWM 197 <- I know a lot of you who use MakerBots are probably cringing at this number, it's so close to the stall point of the motor. However, I love this flowrate for one huge reason: No Strings.
  • First Layer: 1.14 * Operating
  • Feedrates
  • Operating: 34 mm/s
  • Travel: 50 mm/s
  • Raft:
  • Base: 0.75 * Operating
  • Interface: 1.2 * Operating
  • First Layer:
  • Perimeter: 0.8 * Operating
  • Infill: 0.9 * Operating
I also use an outline with margin of 3, that way, I don't have to pull off the test extrusion, I just let it start the outline, and the test extrude hangs off the side nicely out of the way!

I gotta give a huge thanks to Coasterman for his post on His settings are the ones I use (with a tiny bit of tweaking) and they work incredibly well for me!

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