Saturday, January 29, 2011


Quick post! Just colored in the last of the text on the front of my makerbot and I must say, it makes the whole machine look a lot more fun!


  1. Sharpies are great aren't they! BTW, it's not stealing, all my stuff is CC(BY-NC-SA), so you're free to use it in whatever way you like!!

    At first I was disappointed that MBI was no longer silk-screening the red on the Makerbots, but when I saw my bag of sharpies sitting next to the Makerbot, I had to add some color!!

  2. Actually, I started trying to copy the text and print it in funky silver PLA. But the text apears to have been stretched a little from the original font and I can't copy the DXF's in my CAD program. The get imported at an insane scaling. When I next get bored I'll have another go because I might just need to get the font size perfect.


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