Monday, January 31, 2011

Bolt tabs! (and another mod!)

While trying out the Makerbot Industries ABP, I found that I needed a way to catch the parts that came off the belt.

Now I no longer use the ABP much, but the platform is still quite useful for staring recently printed parts.

Originally, I had two strings holding up the platform, looped around the right and left x axis end brackets, but it kept slipping off, so I created the bolt tabs to prevent it from slipping.

The designs are on Thingiverse! Feel free to make some!


  1. I've been printing a lot of really small (0.5-1 CM tall by 2-4CM wide) parts that need a lot of detail in the z axis (Currently, I print at 0.2mm/layer). I tried using the ABP, but the belt is too flexible, and let the print warp up too much... I found that printing on the smooth side of the acrylic build platform gives me the best adhesion, but sadly, no raftless yet...


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